Managing Collections – Individual Assignment and Progress

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the Christmas break and since the last post I’ve been writing my individual assignment whilst the exhibition develops online and the portfolio is compiled. Some of the things I’ve been working on over the past month: I wrote a section on Intended Audience in collaboration with another studentContinue reading “Managing Collections – Individual Assignment and Progress”

Managing Collections – Week 7

One of our group has drafted a standardised ‘permissions email’ for us to send out that was approved by the course leader. I will need to ask ROOT-ed Zine for permission to use their issue on work, saftey4sisters to ask permission to show the cover art from the report on COVID and Poor Lass PodcastContinue reading “Managing Collections – Week 7”

Managing Collections – Week 6

This week marked a significant change in direction for our group project. This was instigated by a couple of key things. One factor was my conversation with Maya. She reiterated what Elaine, Andy, Kostas and others had indicated, that collaboration isn’t realistic or ethical for a short-term project. Whilst talking to Maya, I mentioned anContinue reading “Managing Collections – Week 6”

Managing Collections – Week 5

We had our proposal feedback this week. There was 2 main pieces of feedback for us to consider: 1. ‘Hyperlocal targeting needs further explanation, what will there be for audiences outside the group?’ We did include a note about secondary audiences in the proposal: Whilst we aim to create a suitable space for KC toContinue reading “Managing Collections – Week 5”

Managing Collections Week 4 – Reading week

As part of our proposal we decided that admitting lack of culturally specific expertise, lack of institutional prestige and also lack of a pre-existing network including a foundation of trust, would be beneficial. We hoped it would make it clear to tutors that we recognise the challenges of collaboration, and to show we are thinkingContinue reading “Managing Collections Week 4 – Reading week”

Managing Collections – Week 3

This week I added 2 new aims and 1 additional objective for our group project. The new aims are:  [in]visibility aims to take an intersectional approach; to explore how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the diverse but inseparable identities represented in our intended audience.  [in]visibility aims to use a hyperlocal strategy, by concentrating the projectContinue reading “Managing Collections – Week 3”

Audience Development Strategy – Justification

This blog post contains the Audience Development Strategy document I developed in collaboration with Hyowon Choi, another student in my project group. Introduction Section 1: Age Section 2: Family structure & life stage Section 3: Income and employment Section 4: Education level obtained Section 5: Digital use and streaming Section 6: Ethnicity Section 7: DisabilityContinue reading “Audience Development Strategy – Justification”

Managing Collections – Week 2

Lecture: Maya Sharma and Joanne Robson from the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Centre (based in Manchester Central Library) discussing the centre’s Covid-19 contemporary collecting project. Reading: “First, Do No Harm”: Tread Carefully Where Oral History, Trauma, and Current Crises Intersect, Cramer, J.A. (2020). and ‘Hybrid Material Encounters – Expanding the Continuum of Museum MaterialitiesContinue reading “Managing Collections – Week 2”

Managing Collections – Week 1

Lecture: Introduction to contemporary collecting by Jen Kavanagh I spent days in the lead up to Managing Collections reading about Mass Observation, SAMDOK, encyclopaedic collecting of everyday artefacts, stories and the links between life during the Blitz and life during Covid-19; but after reading the text for this week and hearing Jen Kavanagh’s lecture, IContinue reading “Managing Collections – Week 1”

Managing Collections – Week 0

IntroductionIntroductory talk – PRE-RECORDED11-1: Introduction to the course and group project – LIVE2-3.30: Group Project Meetings – LIVE3.30-4: Q+A on Project – LIVE This week we had an introduction to the Managing Collections and Exhibitions course. We covered the aims of the course, which includes to equip students with a range of critical, theoretical, methodologicalContinue reading “Managing Collections – Week 0”