Placement Day 9 – Documentation / commemorative ceramics

For the 9th day of the placement with the decorative arts department at Walker art Gallery we begun a documentation project. The Walker use collections management software called Mimsy XG, a database in which every object in the collection is recorded. According to Mimsy is used to: Manage all your collections data quickly, reliably and safely. Whether cataloguing,Continue reading “Placement Day 9 – Documentation / commemorative ceramics”

Placement day 6 – Mrs Tinne’s Wardrobe: A Liverpool Lady’s Clothes 1910-1940

Today we attended a lecture by Pauline at the Walker Art Gallery about the current temporary exhibition she curated, ‘Mrs Tinne’s Wardrobe: A Liverpool Lady’s Clothes 1910-1940‘. The public are able to buy a ticket to hear Pauline give information in addition to the exhibition, she advises that people attend the lecture before seeing theContinue reading “Placement day 6 – Mrs Tinne’s Wardrobe: A Liverpool Lady’s Clothes 1910-1940”

Placement day 5 – Upgrading storage – wedding objects

On day 5 of the placement with the Decorative Arts department of Walker Art Gallery, we begun a task of upgrading the storage of a small collection of items in the store. I was allocated 3 large drawers of wedding related accessories and garments. Pauline (Costume Curator and my placement supervisor) advised us to photographContinue reading “Placement day 5 – Upgrading storage – wedding objects”

Placement Day 4 – John David

The next tailor I have been researching is ‘John David’. I documented a men’s 2-piece nylon suit, dated to the 1950’s (pictured below). The label, found on the inside of the jacket, (again, pictured below), includes ‘Northcord’ in addition to John David as the tailor name. Northcord could be the name of the material, aContinue reading “Placement Day 4 – John David”

Jackson the Tailor – Moses and Lionel Jacobson

I have begun to research the brand names recorded from the collection so far. The first I’ve looked into is ‘Jackson the Tailor’ – I have recorded two items with this brand name so far, both are 3-piece suits (see images). Initially after googling Jackson the Tailor I came across a 1970 promotional film madeContinue reading “Jackson the Tailor – Moses and Lionel Jacobson”

Placement Day 2 – Gerald Abrahams, Aquascutum

During the past few days I’ve continued reading around Jewish immigration to Liverpool, paying particular attention to tailoring. Reading included ‘A Yankee’s View of Liverpool Jewry’ by Gabriel A Sivan (1988) – the text establishes two ‘primary’ communities with the Jewish diaspora in Liverpool, those of Spanish and Portugese descent, and the German Jews. SivanContinue reading “Placement Day 2 – Gerald Abrahams, Aquascutum”

Placement Day 1 – 9th December 2019

Today I officially began a placement working with the decorative arts collection team at Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. The first project we have been tasked with is a research and documentation project, requested from an external contact in Leeds. To contextialise the project, I researched Jewish involvement in the clothing industry in the UnitedContinue reading “Placement Day 1 – 9th December 2019”